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Research and Analysis

ESM staff members' research helps improve our understanding of the euro area economy and particularly the effect of economic policies during crisis episodes.

This work further enhances the competency of the institution. Output from this research activity appears in our publications, such as Working and Discussion Paper Series, the ESM Annual Report, and in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals. ESM staff interact with the wider academic and policy community via their participation in external seminars and conferences.  External experts are invited to give seminars on relevant topics.

Research and Analysis


ESM hosts workshop: "Debt Sustainability: Current Practice and Future Perspectives"

Luxembourg, 11 - 12 December 2018

This two-day event brought together experts from official institutions dealing with sovereign debt sustainability and leading academics in the field of sovereign risk. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the most recent policy and academic developments for the analysis of debt sustainability (DSA). The first day weighed on different themes closly linked to debt sustainability and management of sovereign risk. The second day focused on exchanging institutional practices and communication of offical DSAs.


Past research conferences

Videos from Working/Discussion Paper Series

Alongside the Working Papers, ESM also produces a series of videos which explain matters in an easy to digest manner.
Videos are attached to the respective publication and can be viewed directly on the website.

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