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Giovanni Callegari

Head of Economic Risk Analysis

Giovanni Callegari is Head of Economic Risk Analysis at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) since January 2021. During 2019-2020 he coordinated the euro area macro research and analysis at Autonomy Capital, a macro hedge fund based in London. Between 2011-2019 he worked at the ECB, including as deputy mission chief for Greece between 2016-2018 and fiscal policy analyst for Cyprus, Greece and Ireland. At the IMF, Mr Callegari focused on fiscal policy analysis (for Congo, Haiti, Honduras) and later on fiscal policy research (Fiscal Monitor) from 2007-2011.

His research focuses on the interaction between fiscal and monetary policy, with publications in the Journal of Monetary Economics, American Economic Journal - Macroeconomics, Economic Policy and Applied Economics. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the European University Institute and a M.Sc. in economics from the University of Warwick.

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