ESM staff members' research helps improve our understanding of the euro area economy and particularly the effect of economic policies during crisis episodes.

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  • €410.1 bn
    Forward Commitment Capacity (i.e. ESM's remaining lending capacity)
  • 82%
    of ESM’s €500 bn lending capacity is still available
  • 19
    the number of ESM shareholders (euro area Member States)
  • €80.5 bn
    ESM’s paid-in capital
  • €295 bn
    Total amount of loans disbursed by ESM/EFSF
  • 2.5
    EFSF/ESM disbursed 2.5 times more in loans than IMF from 2011-2015
  • 5
    countries have successfully exited EFSF/ESM programmes: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece
  • 51%
    of Greek public debt is held by EFSF/ESM (as of 31/12/2020)
  • €18.2 bn
    Accumulated savings for the 5 programme countries in 2019 as a result of EFSF/ESM financing
  • 42.5 years
    Maximum weighted average maturity of EFSF loans to Greece
  • 0.74%
    Average interest rate charged by ESM on loans (Q4 2020)
  • 70.6%
    Percentage of total external financial assistance for Greece provided by EFSF/ESM
  • €11 bn
    2020 target for ESM’s long-term funding (bond issuance)
  • 40 years
    the longest ESM bond maturity (issued in Dec. 2015)
  • €7 bn
    the largest ESM bond ever issued (in Oct. 2013)
  • 9 times
    the oversubscription for the EFSF’s first bond issued in Jan. 2011

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