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The ESM procures supplies, services and works in support of its operational objectives.

As an international organisation, which carries out procurement on its own behalf and for its own account, the ESM conducts procurement in accordance with the ESM Procurement Policy. When conducting an ESM procurement procedure, the ESM is committed to respecting the general principles of transparency, proportionality, equal treatment and non-discrimination.

Procurement Opportunities

The current procurement opportunities published in the Official Journal of the European Union in accordance with the ESM Procurement Policy are listed below and are available in ESM’s Procurement Tool:

Reference Number
Collecting Repo and Interest Rates Swaps (IRS) turnover data_ Repo data (Lot1); IRS data ( Lot2)
Publication Date
Closing Date

Contact us

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Procurement debriefing and review

Following notification of the outcome of an ESM procurement procedure, you may request the ESM to provide a debriefing on the reasons for not advancing your application or proposal. Debriefing instructions will be included in the notification email. Please note that Candidates can only submit a request pursuant to the ESM Procurement Review Procedure if they have previously requested a debriefing.

The ESM will treat seriously any allegations that it has not carried out an ESM procurement procedure in accordance with the ESM Procurement Policy. Candidates who have submitted an application or a proposal in an ESM procurement procedure may request a review pursuant to the ESM Procurement Policy and the ESM Procurement Review Procedure. The review will establish whether there has been a material breach of the ESM Procurement Policy which has adversely affected them or whether there has been a manifest error of assessment of fact or misuse of powers which could have impacted the outcome of the ESM procurement procedure.

Requests pursuant to the ESM Procurement Review Procedure must be submitted to the following email address:

Information regarding the review decisions taken by the ESM Procurement Panels can be found here.

Awarded Contracts

Information regarding contracts awarded by the ESM following procurement procedures published in the Official Journal of the EU.