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User Guide

The top chart (‘Current repayment profile’) shows the amount to be repaid each year for a selected programme. Hovering over the bars for specific years displays the amount for each lending contract, listed in the legend on the left.
Loan repayment profiles for some countries have changed in the past as a result of maturity extensions or early repayments. The list of events displayed between the two charts allows users to examine the repayment profile at historical points in time. Arrow icons link to related press releases and contract amendments. The bottom chart (‘Changes to the repayment profile’) shows these repayment profile changes over time. Hovering over the line displays the weighted average maturity (WAM) and maximum loan maturity for each lending contract for a specific period.

Repayments Dashboard

Context Information

For all six EFSF/ESM financial assistance programmes, each loan tranche has its own specified repayment date. Depending on the type of loan, the repayment of a loan tranche may be amortised (i.e. is spread over a certain number of years) or the full amount of a tranche may be due at the end of the loan term (so-called bullet loan).

There is always a grace period before the beneficiary country is required to start repaying the principal amounts to the ESM. This period varies for each country.

During or following the programmes for Ireland, Portugal, and Greece, the EFSF Board of Directors approved the extension of the weighted average maturity of loans for these countries. The repayment profile displayed in the dashboards allows users to see how the repayment profile of these countries changed after the extension.

For each EFSF/ESM financial assistance programme, there are one or more financial assistance agreements – a legal document that specifies the financial terms and conditions of the loans. The EFSF signed multiple agreements with Ireland, Portugal, and Greece (EFSF). These were required because of changes in the EFSF’s governance, funding, lending, financial, and pricing structure during the programmes for those countries. The repayments dashboard allows users to view the loan repayments corresponding to each financial assistance agreement.


Weighted average maturity
The weighted average repayment period (in years) of all loan tranches provided by the ESM or EFSF to a particular beneficiary country.
Maximum loan maturity
The longest maturity for a loan that is permitted for a particular facility.