What we offer

The ESM offers a stimulating work environment that fosters learning, as well as a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Working in Luxembourg

Working at the ESM, you will experience life in Luxembourg. It is one of the safest countries in the world, with a very high standard of living.

Staff Testimonials

"I joined the ESM because I was intrigued by its mission as a fundamental pillar of the economic and financial stability of the euro area. Every day at work is a new challenge that leads to new experiences."

Konstantinos, Senior Economist
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"The ESM is a great place to work, you have the opportunity to learn and grow in your role while also having fun and getting to know people from many different backgrounds and nationalities. I’ve enjoyed every single day since I joined the ESM."

Maria Luisa Martos , Lead Senior Back Office Officer
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"Being part of the ESM is about more than just joining an important international financial institution, it’s also about actively contributing to the ESM mandate. At the ESM, every day brings exciting new challenges where each and every voice counts."

Jean-Baptiste , Lead Senior Officer Accounting and Financial Reporting Production
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"The ESM to me represents the perfect and unique place to start and continue your career within the European public community. I am really enjoying the friendly atmosphere that you find within the institution as a whole and within teams. "

Edoardo, Economic and Market Analysis Trainee
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"Being a trainee at the ESM is a unique opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, collaborating and sharing perspectives with colleagues from very distinct backgrounds. Since the beginning, I’ve felt like a valuable team member."

Mafalda, Financial Sector Market Analysis Trainee
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"Working at the ESM offers a unique opportunity to facilitate important decision-making processes at the heart of the euro area. This comes with great responsibility, but also a sense of purpose of helping to bring stability and prosperity to all euro area citizens. "

Dusan, Senior Corporate Governance Officer
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