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Programme Database

The programme database is a repository of data related to the six financial assistance programmes that the EFSF and ESM carried out between 2011 and 2018. The creation of such a database was one of the recommendations of the 2017 EFSF/ESM Financial Assistance Evaluation Report (“The ESM should implement mandatory public reporting, including a database for the dissemination of harmonised data on country programmes”).

The two main types of data available in the database are lending information (loan disbursements, principal repayments, past interest, and fee payments) and programme monitoring (conditionality, economic indicators). Users can view all these data categories for each EFSF/ESM programme. In addition, an overview page shows the total amounts disbursed and repaid for each programme.

The data is presented on dashboards where users can view different visualisations by selecting various filters. All data can also be downloaded as spreadsheet files. The database is updated monthly.

Programme Overview

Lending Activity

  • Loan disbursements displayed as per use of funds, lending contracts, and funding strategy
  • Loan repayment profiles, viewable at different points in time and for individual lending contracts
  • Historic payment flows (interest, fees, and principal) between the EFSF/ESM and programme countries

Programme Monitoring

  • Policy conditions and compliance assessments displayed for all reviews throughout a programme
  • Economic indicators for programme countries as recorded in review reports