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Programme Overview

Programme Overview

User Guide

The dashboard presents basic information about the six EFSF/ESM financial assistance programmes. This includes the total amount disbursed (net, and including upfront retained amounts: prepaid margin, service fee) and the amount repaid, which is visible when hovering over the bars for each programme. Clicking on one of the programme bars will display a graph showing the outstanding amount throughout time for that programme. Hovering over the line allows users to see the repayment amount and outstanding loan amount at a selected moment of the repayment period.

Programme Overview Dashboard

Context Information

The EFSF and ESM have disbursed a total of €295 billion to five programme countries: Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus. The long loan maturities and favourable interest rates enabled these countries to carry out necessary reforms that allowed them to return to market financing and economic growth. The last active programme – the ESM programme for Greece – concluded in August 2018.

For more detailed information on each individual programme, please visit the Financial Assistance section of the ESM website.


Net disbursement amount
The amount actually disbursed to a beneficiary country, that is, the loan amount of a disbursement less various costs and fees (including any applicable up-front portion of the service fee).
Prepaid margin
The margin amounts that were paid in advance on early EFSF loans granted to Ireland and Portugal; those amounts were deducted from the loan disbursement amount. Parts of the prepaid margin were reimbursed by the EFSF to Ireland and Portugal in 2016, as the margin had been set to zero for these loans.
Service fee
The Service Fee represents the source of general revenues and resources to cover ESM/EFSF operational costs and has two components: - up-front service fee: up-front payment is applied at the time of a disbursement and paid generally via a deduction on the drawn amount or may be invoiced separately to the beneficiary ESM Member. At the time of each disbursement, an up-front service fee of 50 bps over the disbursed amount is charged. - annual service fee: annual payment applied over the outstanding principal amounts. It is paid on the interest payment date or invoiced separately. An annual service fee of 0.5 bps per annum payable in arrears from the first anniversary of the signature of the facility.