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Marialena Athanasopoulou

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Deputy Head, Economic Risk Analysis

Marialena Athanasopoulou is Deputy Head of the Economic Risk Analysis division and country team coordinator for Spain at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). On leave from the ESM, she worked as Special Secretary for Private Debt Management at the Greek Ministry of Finance in 2022.

She previously worked as an economist at the International Monetary Fund. She was also a visiting professor at the Department of Economics at the Athens University of Economic and Business.

Marialena holds a PhD in Economics from University of Southern California (Los Angeles), and Masters’ degrees in Economics and Business Mathematics from University of Southern California (Los Angeles) and the Athens University of Economic and Business.

Marialena’s research field is international macroeconomics, with a focus on debt sustainability analysis and sovereign debt restructuring.


My working papers

Marialena Athanasopoulou, Edmund Moshammer
Carmine Gabriele, Marialena Athanasopoulou