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Graciela Schiliuk

Senior Policy Strategist, Strategy and Institutional Relations

Graciela Schiliuk is a Senior Policy Strategist at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). In the past, she worked as policy officer in the IMF and G-Groups unit of the European Commission and as Senior Policy Advisor in the International Economy and Financial Institutions unit of the Dutch Ministry of Finance. She holds a Master of Policy Management from Georgetown University and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

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Dominika Miernik, Graciela Schiliuk
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Policy Strategy and Institutional Relations

Regional rescue funds and the IMF – the time for deeper cooperation is now

ESM experts Dominika Miernik and Graciela Schiliuk explain how the work of the IMF and the regional rescue funds help countries in the fight against the recent pandemic.

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Graciela Schiliuk, Dominika Miernik, Jens Lapointe-Rohde
Graciela Schiliuk, Tullio Buccellato, Jens Lapointe-Rohde