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Who we are

Management Board

With the assistance of the Management Board, Managing Director Klaus Regling is responsible for conducting the current business of the ESM.

Members of the Management Board

Klaus Regling

Managing Director

Christophe Frankel

Deputy Managing Director and Chief Finance Officer

Kalin A. Anev Janse
Kalin Anev Janse
Secretary General
Francoise Blondeel

Chief Corporate Officer

David Eatough

General Counsel

Rolf Strauch

Chief Economist



ESM organisational structure

Who we are

Head of Communications / Chief Spokesperson W. Proissl
Deputy General Counsel J. Aerts
Head of HR and Organisation S. De Beule Roloff
Head of Internal Audit L. Lucas
Chief Risk Officer / Head of Risk and Compliance C. Pacciani
Head of Funding and Investor Relations S. Ruhl
Head of IT and Operations D. Wallace
Head of ALM and Lending P-H. Floquet
Head of Corporate Governance and Internal Policies F. Zinoecker
Head of Investment and Treasury S. Levy
Head of Finance and Control T. Pies
Head of Middle and Back Office and Portfolio Performance M. Hickey
Head of Economic and Market Analysis J. Rojas
Head of Strategy and Institutional Relations N. Giammarioli
Head of Banking N. Mascher
Commercial Legal and Procurement

Member of the Management Board


Secondary reporting line


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