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Euro area

Nicoletta Mascher, Juan Solé, Rolf Strauch
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Nicola Giammarioli , Florian Misch, Martin Rey
Stability Fund
Kalin Anev Janse

Outside of the box: A new ESM for a new crisis

CFO Kalin Anev Janse explains how the new credit line to help euro countries combat Covid-19 is funded
Martin Hillebrand, Peter Schwendner
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Funding and Investment

Showing how EU solidarity calmed markets over Brexit

A strong EU positively influenced bond market sentiment
Kalin Anev Janse
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Outside of the box: Why Europe borrows in US dollars

A successful USD bond issue this month for the ESM. Discover why do we issue in dollars
Kalin Anev Janse, Siegfried Ruhl
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Funding and Investment

Why the Covid-19 credit line still makes sense

Bond yields fall, but Pandemic Crisis Support offers immediate relief
Hoe Ee Khor, Rolf Strauch
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Economic and market analysis

Same crisis, different responses to Covid-19

AMRO and ESM Chief Economists Hoe Ee Khor and Rolf Strauch explain why policy responses differ in Asia and Europe
Rolf Strauch
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Euronomics: The building blocks of recovery

ESM Chief Economist Rolf Strauch explains which building blocks are needed for a successful euro area recovery.
Klaus Regling
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Regling’s take: Why we need to boost the euro’s international role

Calls for a stronger international role for the euro have increased markedly in the last few years. This is partly in response to the current US Administration’s withdrawal from multilateralism.