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Nicola Giammarioli , Kalin Anev Janse, Rolf Strauch
Blog coverCroatia makes the euro 20 nations strong
Chief Economist, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary General

Croatia makes the euro 20 nations strong

Elisabetta Vangelista, Lorenzo Ricci
Placing a new value on EFSF bond prices
Jürgen Klaus
Euro safe asset futures_Blog.png
Funding and Investment

Time for euro safe asset futures?

Euro safe assets could be above 5 trillion euros by 2026 and provide the foundation for a new futures market
Kalin Anev Janse

Outside of the box: Euro a magnet for central banks, again

Europe’s single currency is attractive again for central banks’ reserve managers, says strong allotment to central banks in recent ESM bond issues.
Rolf Strauch, Gergely Hudecz
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Economic and Market Analysis

Strengthening the international role of the euro

A greater global use of the euro would attract investors and help financial stability.
Kalin Anev Janse, Anu Bradford
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Funding and Investment

Europe greening the world: the “Brussels effect” on sustainable finance

How decisions by Europe could lead to a greener globe
Klaus Regling
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Regling’s take: Why we need to boost the euro’s international role

Calls for a stronger international role for the euro have increased markedly in the last few years. This is partly in response to the current US Administration’s withdrawal from multilateralism.