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Kalin Anev Janse speaking at Capital.BG Conference "Banks and Business"

Kalin Anev Janse


Kalin Anev Janse speaking at Capital.BG Conference "Banks and Business"

What are some of the advantages of joining the euro area? According to ESM CFO Kalin Anev Janse, Croatia, the latest country to join, provides an excellent example of the kinds of benefits euro area countries enjoy during his keynote speech at the Capital.BG "Banks and Business" conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. Joining online, Anev Janse elaborated that euro area countries upon adoption:

  • Become wealthier upon convergence leading up to the adoption of the euro
  • Enjoy credit rating upgrades
  • Join the second-largest reserve currency in the world
  • Enhance investor base and capital market access
  • Benefit from easier and cheaper payments across euro area countries
  • Benefit from euro-denominated debt no longer being treated as foreign debt
  • Gain voting powers at @ECB, Eurogroup and ESM Board of Governors
  • Access membership in the ESM safety net


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