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Alessandra Donini, Giulia Fusi
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Nicoletta Mascher, Juan Solé, Rolf Strauch
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Kalin Anev Janse, Rolf Strauch
Chief Financial Officer, Financial Sector and Market Analysis

Why Europe needs strong market making

Giulia Fusi , Dóra Siklós, Rolf Strauch
Financial Sector and Market Analysis

Unlocking banks’ capacity to fund the recovery

How can we improve banking credit provision to finance the recovery and green transition
Angela Capolongo, Michael Kühl
From savings to spending - Fast track to recovery
Economic and market analysis

From savings to spending: Fast track to recovery

Pandemic induced a spike in European household savings, now they could offer a boost to the recovery
Kalin Anev Janse, Rolf Strauch
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Financial Sector and Market Analysis

Reviving securitisation in Europe for CMU

Securitisation has changed and can help Europe's post-pandemic recovery
Nicoletta Mascher, Rolf Strauch
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Economic and market analysis

A stronger banking union for a stronger recovery

Nicoletta Mascher and Rolf Strauch explain why the banking sector needs support to overcome the Covid-crisis