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#ESMLunchTalk (ep.06): with Veronika Grimm and Rolf Strauch

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The COVID 19 pandemic and the energy crisis have left their marks in Europe and especially in Germany, given its high share of energy-intensive industries. However, the projection of Germany’s potential output points to clear obstacles to growth in the coming decades, irrespective of the current economic weakness.

In our latest #ESMLunchTalk, Veronika Grimm, Professor of Economics and Head of the Chair of Economic Theory at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and ESM Chief Economist Rolf Strauch talked about the current German economic outlook and the future challenges that will affect this country and the EU.

Demographic ageing: to dampen labour scarcity, immigration policy needs to be reformed and incentives to work need to improve.

Declining productivity growth: innovation - such as AI - and increasing investment activity within a completed capital markets union can accelerate an efficient reallocation of resource to foster a modernised economy.

Green Transition: expansion of renewables and integrated networks among EU countries are key for a greener and more resilient Europe.

#ESMLunchTalk 06 on Spotify

#ESMLunchTalk on Spotify

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