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European Government Bond Dynamics and Stability Policies: Taming Contagion Risks

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This paper analyses bond yields of euro area sovereign bonds and finds that the distance between core and periphery has narrowed since the EFSF/ESM was established. 

AuthorMartin Hillebrand | European Stability Mechanism
with Peter Schwendner, Martin Schuele, Thomas Ott | Zurich University of Applied Sciences


From 2004 to 2015, the market perception of the sovereign risks of the euro area government bonds experienced several different phases, reflected in a clear time structure of the correlation matrix between the yield changes. “Core” and “peripheral” bonds cluster in a bloc-like structure, but the correlations between the blocs are time-dependent and even become negative in periods of stress. Using noise-filtered partial correlation influences, this time dependency can be evaluated and visualized using network graphs. Our results support the view that market-implied spillover risks have decreased since the European rescue and stability mechanisms came into force in 2011. EFSF bond issues have been trading as part of the “core” bloc since 2011. In 2015, spillover risks reappeared during the Eurogroup’s negotiations with Greece, although the periphery yields did not show risk spreads that were as large as those in 2012. 

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JEL codes: C14, G01, G11, G12, G15, D85

Source: European Stability Mechanism | Working Paper Series | Volume 2016 | No 14 | May 2016 | 34 Pages

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