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EFSF taps 2025 bond for €1 billion in auction


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Luxembourg – The European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) today conducted a tap of its 0.50% 8-year bond maturing on 11 July 2025 through an auction. The deal raised €0.996 billion, bringing the total size of the bond to €3.496 billion.

“Today’s auction was well received, allowing the EFSF to tap the bond by nearly €1 billion. This covers half of the remaining funding needs for the third quarter and supports liquidity in the secondary market,” said Siegfried Ruhl, EFSF Head of Funding and Investor Relations.

The weighted average price on today’s auction was 100.77%, and the average yield was 0.40%. The bid/cover ratio was 6.1. Bids for the auction were transmitted through the Deutsche Bundesbank’s EFSF Bidding System (EBS).

Wolfgang Proissl

Wolfgang Proissl
Chief Spokesperson

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Michel Reijns

Michel Reijns
Acting Spokesperson

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Douwe Miedema

Douwe Miedema
Financial Press Spokesperson

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Luis Rego

Luis Rego
On leave of absence from ESM until end of March
Acting Spokesperson of the Eurogroup President

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