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EFSF Board of Directors approves €1 billion disbursement to Greece

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Brussels – The Board of Directors of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) approved today the disbursement of €1 billion to Greece, taking into consideration the full implementation of a set of milestones agreed in April 2014.

This is the second tranche of the total €8.3 billion instalment approved by the Eurogroup following the conclusion of the fourth review mission of Greece’s macroeconomic adjustment programme. After the present disbursement, total EFSF financial assistance for Greece will reach €140.9 billion. One more tranche of €1 billion may be disbursed by the EFSF as part of this €8.3 billion instalment, conditional upon the implementation of a further set of milestones. After this is completed, €1.8 billion will remain available from the EFSF.

Klaus Regling, CEO of the EFSF said: “With the implementation of the milestones Greece continues to implement reforms necessary for the rebalancing of the economy.”


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