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Timeline of events: 2009-2018

20 October 2009

The Bank of Greece announces that government accounts are much worse than previously reported.

April-May 2010

Greek borrowing costs rise to unsustainable levels, Greece seeks financial assistance.

2 May 2010

Approval of 3-year joint financial assistance programme for Greece by euro area countries (bilaterally) and IMF.

Eurogroup Statement

13 March 2012

Second adjustment programme for Greece is agreed, to be provided by the EFSF and IMF.

Council press release

27 November 2012

Eurogroup agrees series of debt relief measures for Greece

10 April 2014

Greece returns to financial markets, raising €3 billion through a 5-year bond issue.

25 January 2015

Syriza party wins parliamentary election in Greece.

30 June 2015

EFSF programme for Greece expires.

17 July 2015

ESM Board of Governors approves the decision to grant, in principle, stability support to Greece. This allows negotiations on policy conditionality to start.

19 August 2015

ESM Board of Governors approves ESM programme for Greece.

23 January 2017

ESM and EFSF approve short-term debt relief measures for Greece.

25 July 2017

Greece returns to bond market, after 3 years.

22 June 2018

Eurogroup commends Greece on completion of all prior actions of final programme review; Eurogroup also agrees medium-term debt relief measures.


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