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A journey in the history of sovereign defaults on domestic-law public debt

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Title: A journey in the history of sovereign defaults on domestic-law public debt

Download PDF: Working Paper 51

This paper uses a novel database to provide a unique overview of the last four decades of sovereign debt restructuring of public debt governed by local law.

Authors: Aitor Erce (Navarra Public University), Enrico Mallucci (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) and Mattia Picarelli (ESM)



We introduce a novel database on sovereign defaults that involve public debt instruments governed by domestic law. By systematically reviewing a large number of sources, we identify 134 default and restructuring events of domestic debt instruments, in 52 countries from 1980 to 2018. Domestic-law defaults are a global phenomenon. Over time, they have become larger and more frequent than foreign-law defaults. Domestic-law debt restructurings proceed faster than foreign ones, often through extensions of maturities and amendments to the coupon structure. While face value reductions are rare, net-present-value losses for creditors are still large. Unilateral amendments and post-default restructuring are the norm but negotiated pre-default restructurings are becoming increasingly frequent. We also document that domestic-law defaults typically involve debt denominated in local currency and held by resident investors. We complement our analysis with a collection “sovereign histories", which provide the fine details about each episode.

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Keywords: Public debt, sovereign default, domestic law, database.

JEL codes: E62, E65, F34, G01, H12, H63, K00, K41

Database: Monthly debt default and restructuring database (Excel file)

Companion paper: A Journey in the History of Sovereign Defaults on Domestic Law Public Debt – Sovereign Histories

Source: European Stability Mechanism | Working Paper Series | Volume 2022 | No 51 | March 2022 | 34 Pages

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