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ESM launches programme country database

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Luxembourg - The ESM launched today on its website a programme database, which contains data related to the EFSF and ESM financial assistance programmes for Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. The creation of such a database was one of the recommendations of the 2017 EFSF/ESM Financial Assistance Evaluation Report, prepared by independent evaluator Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell.

“I am pleased that the ESM has followed up on a recommendation of the Evaluation Report related to enhancing programme transparency and evaluability. The programme database will enable the dissemination of harmonised data on EFSF and ESM programmes, which fulfils the need to provide public reporting on activities affecting millions of European citizens,” said Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell.

“I welcome the launch of the ESM programme database, as it is a significant step towards greater accountability of the ESM. The database, which is provided in an innovative format, will be useful for analysts, researchers, journalists, civil servants, and the general public,” said ESM Managing Director Klaus Regling.

The database presents a wide range of data on different aspects of the country programmes, comprising lending information (loan documentation, disbursements, principal repayments, past interest, and fee payments) and programme monitoring (conditionality, economic indicators).

Thanks to the use of data visualisation software, users can select different filters to see programme data displayed in dashboards, according to various criteria and categories. The dashboards are accompanied by texts explaining the institutional and historical context of the data presented, and include a glossary of technical terms. All data can be downloaded as spreadsheet files.

Link to the EFSF/ESM programme database


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