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EFSF disburses €3.3 billion to Greece


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Luxembourg – The European Financial Stability Facility disbursed today €3.3 billion to Greece for budget financing and debt servicing needs. The funds were transferred in cash and the loan has a maturity of 32 years.

This disbursement constitutes the second tranche that completes the fourth EFSF instalment amounting to €7.5 billion. Greece has now received from the EFSF €130.6 billion out of the total committed amount of €144.6 billion. 

Wolfgang Proissl

Wolfgang Proissl
Chief Spokesperson

+352 260 962 230

Anabela Reis

Anabela Reis
Senior Spokesperson

+352 260 962 551

George Matlock

George Matlock
Senior Financial Spokesperson

+352 260 962 232

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