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Silke Weiss

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Head of Funding and Investor Relations, Funding and Investor Relations

Silke Weiss is Head of Funding and Investor Relations since October 2021. She joined the ESM in 2013 as Principal Funding Officer. Before taking on the current position, Weiss was acting Head of Funding and Investor Relations since October 2020. Prior to that, she was Team Lead for the Planning and Execution in the Funding and Investor Relations division. She has been instrumental in establishing the funding programmes of both the EFSF and ESM in the Euro and Dollar markets.

She previously worked as a trader in the Front Office at the German Finance Agency (Deutsche Finanzagentur) in Frankfurt and as a trader in the Global Treasury and Liquidity Management Department at JPMorgan Chase in London and Frankfurt.

Silke represents the ESM as a public issuer in various European forums and committees. She is a member of the European Central Bank's Bond Market Contact Group (BMCG) and represents the ESM at the Public Sector Issuer Forum (PSIF) and EFC Sub-Committee On EU Sovereign Debt Markets (ESDM).

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