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Mike Williams speaks at the ESM

05. Dec. 2019, 14:00 - 05. Dec. 2019, 15:30
ESM premises


"Government cash management: its interaction with other financial policies: an international perspective"

Government cash management receives much less attention that debt management – understandably given the scale of the respective risk exposures.  But there is an increasing realisation internationally that efficient cash management matters, not only financially, with good husbandry of cash resources, but also because of the benefits it can potentially bring to other financial policies: debt management, monetary policy and money development.The presentation will identify sound international practice, exemplified by some countries in the Eurozone and the wider EU, while noting the different approaches internationally.  It will go on to discuss some of the interactions between cash management, debt management and monetary policy operations, and the challenges that can arise, emphasising the need for proper coordination structures.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams

Mike Williams is an independent consultant offering advice and consultancy to governments and related agencies on Government Debt Management and Government Cash Management, including Policy and Strategy Formation and Domestic Market Development, Institutional Capacity Building, Risk Management and Governance. Mike Williams was the first Chief Executive of the UK Debt Management Office - establishing the office in 1998, expanding its responsibilities and building its profile domestically and internationally over the subsequent 5 years. Since leaving the DMO in early 2003, he has worked as an independent consultant with the World Bank, IMF and with other agencies, experts and consulting firms.

This is an ESM research internal seminar. If you would like to attend, please write an email to

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