Interviews / Speeches

  • Klaus Regling – Introductory statement at Bundespressekonferenz (Berlin), German transcript and English translation
  • Klaus Regling – Bild (Germany), German and English version, 22/08/2015
  • Klaus Regling – ARD Morgenmagazin, German and English transcript, 16/07/2015
  • Klaus Regling – Kathimerini (Greece), Greek and English version, 04/07/2015
  • Kalin Anev Janse – “New Risk Management Paradigm: How Investments, Financial Stability and Regulation will shape European and Global Financial Markets”, Luxembourg, 15/06/2015 


Klaus Regling at Eurogroup Meeting press conference, 14/08/2015

Klaur Regling at Eurogroup Meeting press conference

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