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Getting to the ESM


European Stability Mechanism, 6a, Circuit de la Foire Internationale, L-1347 Luxembourg. The office is on the corner of Circuit de la Foire and Rue Carlo Hemmer.


Visitors can park in the Auchan car park. To access closest to the ESM, please use the car park entrance at 2, Rue Carlo Hemmer. Once inside the car park, turn right and then left at the end.

From the car park, walk to the shopping centre. Then, walk through the Auchan shopping centre, and up one floor level. When you leave Auchan, turn right – the ESM’s office is located in the grey building that you will be walking towards. To gain access, turn left onto Rue Carlo Hemmer, and then left onto Circuit de la Foire Internationale.

Above the ESM building

Public Transport

You can purchase your ticket on the bus. A 2-hour ticket costs €2, an all-day pass costs €4. You can also pay using the mTicket app, which accepts PayPal or DigiCash, or automated ticket machines, where available.

The app the Luxembourg transportation app. Enter your current position and then search your destination (“Poutty Stein” if you arrive to the ESM by bus or “Alphonse Weicker” if you arrive by tram.

Buses from outside the Luxembourg railway station (Gare) and the city centre

From the Luxembourg railway station (bus stop: Gare), walk out towards Quai 12. Board any of the following buses; 1, 16, 18, 120, 144, 165, 192, 194, 195.

At the Gare Luxembourg to ESM

From the city centre, all the above mentioned buses can be boarded from Hamilius (bus stop located at Boulevard Royal between Grand Rue and Avenue Monterey).

Take any of these buses to bus stop Kirchberg, Poutty Stein on, Circuit de la Foire Internationale. Then, walk 100 meters to the ESM building.

From the airport, take bus 16 to Kirchberg, Poutty Stein.

Bus to ESM

Train stop Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Tram

When you alight from the train at Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station, follow the signs to the funicular. Take the carriage going up the hill. Exit the funicular station towards the tram station where you will board a tram heading to Kirchberg, Luxexpo. Alight at stop Alphonse Weicker.

The Tram

Take the tram to stop Alphonse Weicker.

Cross the Auchan shopping centre to get to the ESM building, located behind Auchan.

Tram to ESM

Walk from Alphonse Weicker tram stop to the ESM

Practical Information

All visitors will be checked at the main reception with a metal detector; luggage and bags will be x-rayed. Visitors will be handed a visitor pass at reception in exchange for their ID card, or passport, which will be securely kept until they leave the premises.

Visitors are requested to have their passes visible at all times.

Getting to the ESM

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