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Third joint Regional Financing Arrangements (RFAs) Research Seminar

16. May. 2019, 00:00 - 17. May. 2019, 00:00
Bourglinster, Luxembourg


Third joint Regional Financing Arrangements (RFAs) Research Seminar

Sovereign risks – detection and prevention


The  ASEAN  +  3  Macroeconomic  Research  Office  (AMRO),  the  European  Stability  Mechanism (ESM)  and  the  Latin  American  Reserve  Fund  (FLAR)  initiated  the  Joint  Regional  Financing Arrangements  (RFAs)  research  seminar  in  2017  in  Singapore.  Since  then,  the  RFAs,  which represent the regional line of defence against economic crises, have organised this joint seminar annually. The aim of this seminar series is to encourage technical discussions on topics crucial to crisis  prevention  and  resolution,  which  are  the  core  mandate  of  the  RFAs.  At  the  last  two seminars,   RFA   staff   had   in-depth   discussions   with   academics,   policymakers,   and   other practitioners  on  topics  of  common  interest,  such  as  the  effectiveness  of  crisis-time  liquidity provision,  early  warning  systems,  conditionality  design  vs.  country  ownership  of  financial assistance programmes, and the role of RFAs in regional economic integration.
Given heightened global risks related to trade tensions, geopolitical challenges, and economic and market uncertainties, our research seminar this year will focus on detecting, analysing, preventing, and tackling sovereign risks and how the Global Financial Safety Net, in particular its regional line of defence, can provide enhanced support.

Venue: 8 Rue du Château
6162 Bourglinster, Luxembourg

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