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Rolf Strauch at Moody's Euro Area Briefing

19. Sep. 2018, 09:15 - 19. Sep. 2018, 10:15
Paris, France


From the organiser:

Get updated on developments across Europe and the latest issues on the separation of the UK from the EU at Moody’s inaugural Euro Area Briefing.  

During interactive panel discussions credit analysts and guest economists will discuss Euro Area reforms and what is achievable over the next two years.


In Paris Olivier Garnier, Director General for Economics & International, Banque de France
Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist, European Stability Mechanism

In Frankfurt Ludger Schuknecht, Chief Economist, German Ministry of Finance Michel Houdebine, Chief Economist at the Directorate General of the French Treasury, Ministry of Economy and Finance


  • Germany, France and the future of Europe
  • How to balance common interests and country-specific preferences?
  • What are the key elements of a roadmap to advance the euro areas architecture?
  • Is Europe ready to leave Brexit behind
  • Who is next?  Does Brexit strengthen Europe's centrifugal forces?
  • Economic centre-periphery imbalance in the eurozone
  • Spotlight on Italy, Spain and Portugal

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