Board of Directors

Each Governor appoints one Director and one alternate Director from among people of high competence in economic and financial matters. The Member of the European Commission in charge of economic and monetary affairs and the President of the ECB may also appoint one observer each.

The Board of Directors ensure that the ESM is run in accordance with its Treaty and by-laws. It takes decisions as provided for by the ESM Treaty or decisions delegated to it by the Board of Governors. Decisions are taken by qualified majority, unless otherwise stated by the ESM Treaty.

The Board of Directors meetings are chaired by the ESM Managing Director.


 ESM Board of Directors

Alternate Director

Mr Steven Costers

Counselor General, Finance Ministry 

 Ms Ariane Meunier

Dr Thomas Steffen

State Secretary, Bundesministerium der Finanzen

 Mr Thomas Westphal

Mr Märten Ross

Deputy Secretary General for Financial Policy and External Relations

Head of EU and International Affairs Department, Ministry of Finance 

 Mr Andres Kuningas

Mr Nicholas O'Brien

Assistant Secretary General, International & EU Division, Department of Finance

 Mr Cyril Brennan

Mr George Chouliarakis

Alternate Minister of Finance

 Mr Panayiotis Nicolaides

Ms Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra Alonso

Secretary General for the Treasury and Financial Policy

 Ms Carla Díaz Álvarez de Toledo

Ms Odile Renaud Basso

Directeur Général du Trésor, Ministère de L'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie

 Mr Thomas Revial

Mr Vincenzo La Via

Director General of the Treasury

Ministry of Economy and Finance

 Ms Francesca Utili

Mr George Panteli

Senior Economic Officer, Ministry of Finance

 Mrs Sotia  Hajispyrou

Ms Līga Klavina

Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Finance

 Mr Nils Sakss

Ms Miglė Tuskienė

Financial counsellor, Ministry of Finance

 Mr Darius Trakelis

Ms Isabelle Goubin

Directeur du Trésor, Ministère des Finances

 Mr Raoul Wirtz

Mr Alfred Camilleri

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance

 Mr Ivan-Carl Saliba

Mr Hans Vijlbrief

Treasurer-general, Ministry of Finance

 Mr Victor Cramer

Mr Harald Waiglein

Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets, Federal Ministry of Finance

 Mr Paul Schieder

Mr Ricardo Mourinho Félix

Secretary of State for Treasury and Finance

 Mr Álvaro Matias

Ms Irena Sodin

State Secretary, Ministry of Finance

 Ms Alenka Jerkič

Mr Ivan Lesay

State Secretary of Ministry of Finance

 Mr Roman Dojčák

Mr Tuomas Saarenheimo

Permanent Under-Secretary, Ministry of Finance

 Mr Seppo Tanninen

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